Whirlpool of Infinity
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Location Third Earth, River of Despair
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The Whirlpool of Infinity is a giant, swift swirling mass of water located in the River of Despair on Third Earth. The force of the current in the Whirlpool is extremely strong and anything that approaches it, gets sucked into it. The Whirlpool of Infinity is one of the many dangers that are found in the River of Despair.

When the ThunderCats were rushing to save Cats Lair from being dissolved by the Ultrasolvic acid of Acid Lake, they were ambushed by Mumm-Ra who destroyed the Bridge of Light, sending the ThunderTank and its passengers tumbling into the River of Despair below. The tank got caught up in the pull of the Whirlpool of Infinity. It was only Panthro's expert driving that the ThunderCats managed to escape from the Whirlpool of Infinity.

Lion-O also encountered the Whirlpool during his second Anointment Trial. As he was escaping from the Poison Darts showered on him by the Feerits, he got caught up in the current of the Whirlpool.

When Mumm-Ra, using his "Dreammaster" form, had trapped the ThunderCats' dream selves in urns, he tried to throw them into the Whirlpool of Infinity, hoping to dispose of them for good. Fortunately, Lion-O was able to catch the urns using the Sword of Omens and save his friends.

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