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The Whisker is one of the newer vehicles of the ThunderCats. It was built by Panthro with help from WilyKit and WilyKat on New Thundera. The Whisker is a tracker vehicle. It has many giant mechanical "whiskers" sticking out of its main body. These whiskers are actually probes which can help to detect a variety of things such as Thundrillium.

The main reason the ThunderCats built the Whisker was to help them find out how and why New Thundera formed again and also to find the source and the cause of the erratic tremors that they were experiencing on that planet since their migration there. The Whisker can also be used to perform delicate tasks such as rescuing someone. Snarfer once used it to fish out the Lunataks and Captain Cracker from the moat around Cats Lair on Third Earth.

The probes of the Whisker can also help the vehicle to navigate in areas of poor visibility such as the Jungles of Darkness. Once when Leah's escape pod landed in these jungles, Lion-O and Lynx-O piloted the Whisker into the Jungles of Darkness to retrieve her.

While most of the ThunderCats vehicles are a metallic grey in color, the whisker is bright orangish-yellow in color.

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