Wizz-Ra's Ship
Wizz-Ra ship.jpg
User Wizz-Ra
Features Flying capability
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Wizz-Ra's Ship is a giant wooden boat that belonged to Wizz-Ra. The ship itself appear almost like a normal ship, with a wooden hull and giant sails. It is however very different than any normal ship as instead of traveling on water, Wizz-Ra's ship sails in the sky.The Giant white sail has Wizz-Ra's magical sun symbol on it. The front of the ship has a giant carving of Wizz-Ra's head.

During ancient Egyptian times, Wizz-Ra used to sail on this magical ship. He even used it in battle as he once did against the evil Mumm-Ra. The two fought a long battle but Mumm-Ra used his trickery and magic to destroy Wizz-Ra's ship. He also tricked the Great Sphinx into banishing Wizz-Ra to eternal exile in the Seventh Dimension.

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