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The Wolfrat is an infiltration robot that is a cross between a wolf and a rat, hence its name. It was invented by Vultureman who claims it to be state-of-the-art in Mutant Technology. The small robot is armed with an array of weapons and infiltration devices and abilities. It disc shaped ears are capable of firing intense laser beams. The Wolfrat is also capable of transforming itself into various objects like a rock or a box in order to avoid detection and hide in plain sight. It can also transform into a flying vehicle in order to traverse long distances quickly. The robot has a built-in drill which it uses to bore holes into walls. It is also capable of simple speech using singular words like "Attack" and "Transform".

After building the robot, Vultureman took it to Mumm-Ra who at first was not impressed but later on changed his mind after a demonstration of its abilities. He armed the Wolfrat with a vial of Miniaturization Gas that was created by "Tutan-Tiny". The Wolfrat successfully managed to bypass every single one of the Cats Lair's defenses and release the Miniaturization Gas into the air vents. This caused all the ThunderCats to shrink to only a fraction of their size, making them easy target for the Wolfrat who then continued to attack them.

It was only with the help of a normal sized Snarf and teamwork that the ThunderCats were able to defeat the Wolfrat. Tygra also managed to successfully brew up an antidote that returned the ThunderCats to their normal sizes.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

028. The Wolfrat

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