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The Wollo Groom is one of the members of the Wollos. Like the other members of the race, he too is very peaceful and docile. He lives in the Wollo Village with the other Wollos.

He married the Wollo Bride who is the daughter of the Wollo Traveller, an old and respected member of the Wollos. On the day of the Wollo Groom's wedding, the Wollo Traveller was robbed by the Gargoyles of Baron Karnor. They stole a Gold Bracelet that the Wollo Traveller intended to give as a gift to his daughter.

Fortunately, the ThunderCats were able to put a stop to Baron Karnor's Gargoyles and WilyKit returned the Gold Bracelet to the Wollos just in time, allowing the wedding to proceed as planned and greatly delighting the Wollos.

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