Wollo Village
Wollo Village.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Wollos
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For the 2011 version of this lcoation, see Wollo Village (2011).

Wollo Village is a settlement on Third Earth. The village is made up of simple block-shaped cement houses. The village is inhabited by the gentle Wollos. The Wollos live there peacefully, going about their daily activities.

While the Wollos themselves are pacifistic, their village often comes under attack by the enemies of the ThunderCats. A giant Grune once demolished much the Wollo Village when he went on a rampage, demanding Fire Rocks. The evil clone of Panthro inhabited by Hammerhand's spirit also did considerable damage to the village as well as the Wollos' farms and fishing boats.

The Mutants also at times have attacked the village. The most notable instance was when Jackalman went rogue and formed his own army. He hand his gang tried to loot the Wollos.

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