Wood Forgers
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Origin Third Earth
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Weapons Magical Paper
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Wood Forgers are three beings who are experts in the ancient mystical art of paper magic.

Many years ago, the three Wood Forgers, Zig, Gami and Nips, came to the Forest of Magi Oar, looking to use its magical trees to make paper which they could use. The guardian of the forest, Viragor allowed them to do so but under the strict condition that they only use wood from dead trees and not harm the living ones.

For some time, the Wood Forgers followed Viragor's rule, but after a while, Zig's hunger for more power grew and the Wood Forgers started cutting down healthy, living trees, severely damaging the forest. Viragor tried to stop them but by then the Wood Forgers' paper magic had become too powerful and they drove him off.

The Wood Forgers then went on to form the School of Paper Arts where they taught their students the ancient art of paper magic. They also established a Paper Mill which accelerated their ability to produce paper from trees.

Later when the ThunderCats arrived in the Forest of Magi Oar, the Wood Forgers twisted the truth and told them that Viragor was evil and a threat to the forest while they were its protectors. Fortunately, Lion-O realized that the Wood Forgers were lying when the Sword of Omens refused to attack Viragor. The ThunderCats and Viragor then joined forces and drove away the Wood Forgers, who were never seen again.

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