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Wraiths are large opportunistic insects that inhabit Third Earth.

These bee-like insects live in honeycomb hives that they have built in a cave located near the Elephant Village. They are extremely strong for their size, capable of lifting many times their body weight. They fly in swarms and grab any food that they can find. Their favorite target is the Elephants' harvest, from which they steal a large portion.

The ThunderCats first encounter the Wraiths when the insects raid the Elephant Village and carry off many large baskets of the pachyderms' harvested food. The Elephants don't react and allow the Wraiths to carry off their food, but Lion-O decides to put a stop to the Wraiths' raids. He follows the Wraiths to their hive and then using the Sword of Omens, he causes a rockfall which seals the cave harboring the Wraiths' nests.

Unfortunately, Lion-O's actions result in devastating consequences, despite his good intentions. It turns out, the buzzing noise of the Wraiths was the only thing that kept the Stone Giant dormant. With them gone, the Stone Giant awakens and wreaks havoc on the Elephant Village.

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