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Zaxx is four-armed anthropomorphic bird. His powers stem from the Rosencrantz Medallion that he wears around his neck.

Many centuries ago, he ruled over the entire southern hemisphere of Third Earth while Mumm-Ra reigned over the north. He and Mumm-Ra fought constantly for control of the entire planet, and during one such battle, Mumm-Ra was able to snatch the medallion from Zaxx. Zaxx was left without form as his essence was trapped within the medallion. Any being that wore this medallion would acquire all of Zaxx's amazing powers. But the downside to this is that the wearer progressively transforms to permanently become Zaxx. Mumm-Ra then hid the medallion in a secret chamber behind his sarcophagus inside the Black Pyramid.

A long time later, Vultureman came to learn about Zaxx and the Rosencrantz Medallion. Wanting to obtain the power of the medallion for himself, Vultureman stole the medallion from Mumm-Ra and wore it himself. As Zaxx started taking over Vultureman's body, the Mutant freaked out and threw it away. Eventually Zaxx was able to materialize out of the medallion and fight Mumm-Ra one-on-one. However, the two fell into Mumm-Ra's cauldron and Zaxx was never seen again.


128. The Zaxx Factor

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