Zlam Queen Pilots
Zlam Queen Pilots
Origin Unknown
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons None
Voice Actor
Voiced by Doug Preis (male)
Gerrianne Raphael (female)
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The Zlam Queen Pilots are the two captains that command the Zlam Queen Space Tanker. Because the spaceship is a cargo ship, the two pilots are the only people on board. The female pilot wears a red outfit while the male one wears a blue outfit. They are entrusted with the task of transporting the very dangerous and highly explosive "Zlam Gas" to various locations.

Once, Captain Cracker and the Lunataks devised an escape plan in which they utilized the Giant Bellows on Exile Isle to envelop planetoid in a cloud of dust which they refer to as "Devil's Fog". This caused the Zlam Queen tanker to crash onto Exile Isle and knock it out of its normal orbit. The two pilots succeeded in escaping from teh ship in the escape pod just before it crashed. Then Cracker and the Lunataks used the crashed ship's rocket engines to propel the entire planet towards Third Earth.


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