Zlam Queen Space Tanker
Zlam Queen Space Tanker.jpg
User Zlam Queen Pilots
Features Space flight, large storage
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The Zlam Queen Space Tanker is a huge cargo spaceship. It's front part is shaped like a large sphere. Piloted by two aviators, the tanker transports the deadly "Zlam Gas" to and from different locations. The ship also has an emergency escape pod that the pilots can use to save themselves in case of any danger.

At one time, Captain Shiner and the Lunataks used the Giant Bellows to cover the entire planet of Exile Isle in "Devil's Fog". This caused the Zlam Queen to crash onto the planet and knock the planet out of its orbit. The pilots managed to escape in the escape pod but Cracker and the Lunataks used the crashed ship's rocket engines to propel the entire planet towards Third Earth.

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